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First and fore most we are motivated by the beauty of the plants of our climate.  The way they fundamentally shape and direct our experience of our environments, importantly our experience of the places we consider to be home.


Hylaeus Gardens Inc is not a full-service landscape company.  While we admire the use of stone and wood, and the abilities of the expert masons and carpenters to translate visions into enduring built realities, we can only seek to master one trade.  Our trade is horticulture.


SEARCH. CACHE. CREATE.  This is our process.


We SEARCH all known and unknown places and attempt to cultivate relationships of respect with growers in order purchase the most beautiful mature trees and shrubs that we can find.  We find the plants most highly coveted in our industry, and we find the plants that SHOULD be coveted but are not well known.


We CACHE our plants beginning in spring.  After mindful selection and at the appropriate time, we orchestrate the transplanting, the shipping, the replanting, and finally the caring phase of our annual reconstitution of our nursery.  By the time our plants are installed on a project, we have already handled and installed them multiple times.  This is part of our learning and mastery.  Our nursery holding facility is an end-in-itself.  It is a place to appreciate the accumulation of another season of the ongoing search for horticultural beauty.  It encapsulates a special energy, as it contains the key components of so many beautiful environments of the future.


Finally we CREATE.  We create in the act of installing our plants in their final home.  Every installation combines a masterful balance of the use of equipment, personal, individual strengths, and the artful manipulation of trees.  It is not a process that many know.  The result of our work is proof of the importance of the process.  What is created is nothing short of the visual integration of decades of growth and refinement into a brand new landscape.  What motivates us, and what sets us apart from our peers, is our ability to deliver proportion in a moment of time.

Let us show you what true passion can deliver.

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Matthew McCartin
Suzanne Gadsby
Office Manager
Glenn Brown
Team Leader
Brandon Labonte
Company Arborist
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